Maintain beautiful Girly Locs with proper care...

  • Minimized shedding by sealing your wefts with a weft sealant. This will prolong the life of your hair.
  • Using a wide toothed comb, always comb the hair upwards from tips to roots to get rid of knots and tangles.
  • Do not use too many products when styling the hair. When hair has too much product buildup, it will tangle.
  • Reduce the amount of heat your hair is exposed to. Air dry after wash. 
  • Silicon mix is very popular with 100% virgin hair. There are videos on YouTube that shows how silicon mix can bring the life back into any dull, dry, or even old hair extensions.  I would advise against using silicon mix on RAW HAIR because the silicon mix is heavy; this will leave unwanted residue which will lead to tangling
  • Cowash at least once per week with a hydrating conditioner that has smoothing properties
  • Always add a lightweight oil on your extensions while wet after wash.  I recommend organic coconut oil
  • Retaining moisture and cleansing any build-up will prevent matting or tangling
  • Always use heat protectant when heat styling to prevent heat damage